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I write SFW and NSFW fics in the BNHA and Dr. Stone fandoms.

All of my finished fics can be found in my AO3 account, including my Twitter Threads.


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Gifts & Fanart

Here it's everything that was created by other people inspired by my writings. Some of these works were made as gifts, some were hired commissions, and some were collaborations.

Get on My Level Series

Melli4uhbees: Animation TwtAnimation YT

Do96ite: Bunny Izuku - NSFW


How to Train Your Useless Dragon

Wuwuwuwu: Chinese translations LofterWeibo 1Weibo 2

Pancake Platypus: Izuku Dragon

Lord Fluffybuns: First Meeting 1First Meeting 2Mitsuki

Twigzz: Izuku 1Izuku 2

✩Ghosty/Oven26: IzukuMina



Professor Midoriya

GG_44: Izuku and KatsukiIzukus and Katsuki

Sailor Opal Scout: Professor M - NSFW


Little Haven

Dex: Lolita Izuku

GG_44: Ouji IzukuLolita Izuku

Lord Fluffybuns: Ouji Izuku

Saekimchi: Lolita IzukuKawaii Izuku

JessJessRubi: Izuku and Katsuki B&WIzuku and Katsuki Color

UsaYuki_DK: Lolita Izuku in the brown coordinateLolita Izuku in the pink coordinate


A Call Away

DanaDaria: In Space

rk8con & emxii_: Izuku and Katsuki


Baby Soft

Yani: Ducklings Pajama

Blu: Kitties Pajama


Making Babies

Yuuki: Mei and Sero


Completely Yours

Kings_Jolly: Izuku, Katsuki and Lord

Azreto: KatsukiKatsuki and Izuku



Yani: Izuku and Katsuki - NSFW

Sae: Izuku and Katsuki - NSFW


Unexpected Booty

Ash: Izuku and Katsuki



Cyn: CoverUnder the table

Anastasia_Lee: Lettering


Change of Plans

Surune: Fight SceneBanana SceneCommunication SceneNews Scene



Jule: Date


The Devil is an Omega

enigmatic: Katsuki


Tricks to get a Treat

enigmatic: Katsuki and Izuku, NSFW



Rum: IzukuKatsuki

squidiebaby: Katsuki and Izuku, ch 3